Srinagar’s hope in the field of veterinary

Qazi Mudasir works against the odds to provide critical care and conduct animal surgeries in Central Veterinary Hospital of the city

Srinagar, Publish Date: Jul 16 2018 11:12PM | Updated Date: Jul 17 2018 1:16AM
Srinagar’s hope in the field of veterinary

It’s as usual a busy day. Many people are waiting for their appointment inside the Srinagar’s Central Veterinary Hospital. Qazi Mudasir is treating a pet. The veterinary doctor, some of them say, is the reason they bring their pets to this hospital.  

Apart from his excellence in care towards pets and stray animals, Mudasir performs extensive surgeries too. There have been many instances when he has performed difficult surgeries, which have been successful.

“I remember when our cow couldn’t pass urine for 10 days and we called Dr. Mudasir for help. He performed a surgery and about 300 litres of fluid was taken out and the cow’s bladder had ruptured and after surgical intervention she survived,” a cow-owner from Habbak said.

On completion of his studies, Mudasir went for PSC examinations. In 2009, he was posted at Jammu as veterinary assistant surgeon.  Then he started performing his duties at Bandipora and finally in Srinagar’s Central Veterinary Hospital.

Despite all the odds, Mudasir attends the hospital even in off working hours and if some emergency occurs, he remains available.

The hospital performs more than 1000 surgeries per year with an average of 83 per month and Mudasir is among the key doctors to lead in figures of successful surgeries.

“It is the Almighty’s grace that I have successfully performed numerous surgeries including caesarean sections, recto vaginal fistulas, atresia ani, hysterectomies, fracture managements, Intra Medullary pinning, Pin hole Castrations, Urethrotomy, Laparotomy  and other common surgeries including Rumenotomy, Hernias, Surgical correction for tumours and other complicated surgeries too,” Dr Mudasir said.

Mudasir added about the importance and love of pets or animals towards their owners calling the pets or animals as more realistic and pragmatic.  

“Human society derives enormous benefits from animal kingdom in the form of food, professional avenues, companionship and mental well-being. Cats and especially dogs are not only faithful but are very true to their master. Dogs are companions to humans all over the world owing to their cooperative behaviour and instinct for affinity with humans,” he pointed out.

Most of the people see inferiority complex among the doctors too. Being veterinary doctor brings solace than being an MBBS told Dr Mudasir.

“I am satisfied with my job. I feel pleasure in treating the animals as they cannot speak, cannot share their problems. One feels satisfied when such creature of Almighty gets well,” said Dr Mudasir.

“It is better to consult a veterinarian before rearing the pet. They can discuss various aspects with the veterinarians before rearing the pet. I have seen lot of cases where the masters don’t know how to rare their pets or animals. Regular vaccinations and regular deworming according to schedule are advised,” he advises.

A well-known fact that valley has few private veterinary clinics or saloons. One mostly remains confined to government hospitals for treatment of their pets or animals. The available private clinics are almost negligible in number and not well equipped to even treat certain medical emergencies and other minor diseases. In such disparity, Mudasir’s will and passion for treating the pets or animals comes as a ray of hope for the city people with pets or animals.  

“I have a pet cat that had some dermatological issues. Qazi treated my pet very well. He has no ego, attitude and we call him so many times and he never complained. My pet is recovering with grace of Almighty and with the help of Mudasir,” said a local doctor, who is fond of rearing pets.

Mudasir’s work reminds many of those classical peoples who think of the animal’s welfare before anything else.

“He twice saved the life of my pet. A calf, who was almost dying and there was no hope for her, but Dr Mudasir sat up with her during the month of Ramzan and he was fasting. He forgot everything and spent whole night looking after her, trying to revive her, tried all stuff and woke whole night and when he was contented, he didn’t left till then.” 

Dr Mudasir continues the follow-up of his cases and remembers everything.

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