Palestine Genocide

The massacre continues. The world watches as powerful countries have economic interests dearer to them than human lives

Bilal Kaloo
Srinagar, Publish Date: May 16 2018 10:49PM | Updated Date: May 16 2018 10:49PM
Palestine Genocide

Palestine symbolizes a perpetual struggle against the Israeli occupation that has crossed all limits of barbarism and such atrocities are metamorphosing into deadliest attempts of unleashing brutality on Palestinians to wipe them off from their own homeland. The recent spell of bloodshed is heart-wrenching wherein unarmed civilians were protesting against shifting of US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. The joint misadventure of massacre by US and Israel has jolted the hopes of peaceful resolution of conflict and exemplifies state attestation for the legitimacy of employing brute force against unarmed civilians. Under the claws and clutches of occupation for so many decades, the human tragedy of Palestinian people is mutely being unnoticed and under-reported as power equations and economic ties matter more than colossal loss of innocent lives.

The horror of war crimes in Palestine against innocent civilians’ especially young children and women is unprecedented. The naked bloodbath that has become a routine is finding a knee-jerk response from global institutions that claim to be champions of safeguarding human rights. After World War-II the emergence and establishment of international organizations was based on the rationale to prevent hegemony and monopoly of state powers to exploit and subjugate other states and thus provide avenues for peaceful coexistence. But contrary to such ideal anticipation,  more disguised and deadly structures of occupation and oppression have been invented and introduced that have undermined the existence and essence of global institutions aimed at emancipating humans from the any form of slavery, subjugation and exploitation. 

Reality is distorted by drilling its shape to suit the vested interests of dominant actors and presented with cosmetic touch of manipulation to delude facts and project customized version for common masses. Facts and figures are just used as raw material to churn stories to condition general perceptions and tame audience by over-feeding with propaganda. Despite the crackdown on shunting voices of dissent and resentment, reality manages to slip out and speaks for itself.

 If mere suspicion or pretext of possessing weapons of mass destruction can justify bombardment   of a country by heavy weight global powers and turn it into rubble overnight, why legitimate protests by unarmed people against illegal occupation is responded by deadly military onslaught butchering hundreds by using warfare weaponry. It is not quite natural and enough to condemn such inhuman acts of terror with utmost passion, but it is also important to question the role of custodians of human rights, civil society, intellectual fraternity etc whose silence is giving sanction and strength to the oppressor to innovate further in its eccentric expedition to continue carnage of human life. Ironically, trade and supply of deadly weapons by global giants does not qualify for terrorism rather peaceful protest against bombing and massacring civilians is labeled as act of abetting terrorism. Such dubious double standards shrink and strangulate space for saner voices to support innocent victims and alleviate human sufferings caught in the cyclone of conflict.

Conflict resolution and peace-building are mere slogans as increasing hostilities have further disintegrated the world that promotes military interventions rather than dialogue and negotiations. Theory of conflict resolution has occupied space and significance not only in academic world , but constitutes the bulk of content in debates and discourses in international seminars, conferences and workshops at global platforms. Unfortunately, such humdrum exercises have failed to make any impact to control unending sufferings unleashed on humans battling for survival in conflict areas. Unless conflict resolution strategies are not implemented and translated into action, the count of human loss will become more prominent.  

No emergency can be as urgent and as serious as genocide of a nation. Palestinians are defending their homeland and they have every right to resist all occupational advances threatening their survival. And if this endeavour on part of Palestinians is an act of terror, then resistance against colonial powers by native population was never any freedom struggle. 

Portraying resistance of Palestinians as an offshoot of religious extremism can never be a substitute for hijacking facts. History is testimony to their legitimate stand and struggle. Indoctrinating indifference by propagandistic tactics is short lived. Palestinian crisis is a human catastrophe. Religious identities of oppressed people should not hold us back to filter our humane attributes to express sympathy and solidarity. Oppressed people are first human beings like us with the same aspiration to live peacefully. We all need to strongly condemn the ongoing massacre of innocent people of Palestine and stand united to pool our resentment and collectively raise our voice against all forms of oppression.                    Let peace prevail.


Bilal Kaloo is Assistant Professor Department of Education (South Campus) University of Kashmir




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