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Observing 10th December in Kashmir has its own twist of irony

Er Rashid
Srinagar, Publish Date: Dec 15 2017 11:10PM | Updated Date: Dec 15 2017 11:10PM
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While world community every year observes 10th December as International Human Rights day to take pledge to protect rights of humans everywhere in the world especially in the conflict zones; Jammu & Kashmir has the distinction of observing the day its own way. A place where nearly one lac people have been killed mostly for none of their fault and every day sun rises with the apprehension of harm, it should have been an undisputed precedence that all the stake holders would give a serious thought to every single incident of violence on the eve of Human Rights Day and ensure that people are given at least right to live with honour and dignity. While state itself claims to be fighting few hundred militants with around eight lac well trained army and other para-military forces, it is not difficult to understand who would be more accused of committing human rights violations.

It is strange that while both militants and the security forces claim to be fighting for the rights of common masses, justice seems to be farther than the farthest. 10th December proves to be a day of referendum every year to observe who among the two parties shows disrespect towards the human rights violations.

State forces always claim to be working under rule of law and militants are operating through an underground movement. State has its institutions and governs everything; as such the responsibilities of the state have to be huge. But the situation is totally reverse in this part of the world as the state tries to hide everything. Not to talk of International Human Rights Organizations, it doesn’t allow even credible voices within India to travel to valley on the timing of their own choice.

The state has not only dealt with iron hand with those having taken arms in their hands but has miserably failed to allow peaceful political activities. New Delhi has broken all its promises made with Kashmiris to end bloodshed. New Delhi owes an answer to people like Yaseen Malik who were assured a free political space to propagate their viewpoint on Kashmir, if they would give up militancy, but the day Yasin Malik announced transformation of his struggle from being an armed militant to a political activist, New Delhi never provided him the space he deserved. The veteran pro-resistance leader Geelani Sahab has been denied even the right to pray and others including Masrat Alam are facing the worst. Government may give a billion reason to justify its every harsh and ruthless move, but the restrictions being imposed on every year on Human Rights Day do expose the tall claims of successive governments. It seems that successive governments do survive not on popular support but simply on the briefings of security agencies. It looks laughable when all those political activists who want resolution to political dispute get caged and those who cage them and control the security forces assemble at a place along with State Human Rights Commission officials on the Human Rights Day and start sermonizing about Human Rights. One has every reason to ask the state law minister about his chairing state sponsored seminar on Human Rights Day at SKICC for the reason that Mr. Law Minister even after hundred days of the incident could not trace out even the mortal remain of his neighbor Manzoor Ahmad Khan, who got allegedly disappeared in custody of security forces.

In fact his every word and action defends the culprits. It looks equally so odd to see State Chief Secretary  and Law Minister sitting left and right to State Human Rights Chairman in the seminar for the reason that almost every single recommendation of SHRC is being thrown into dustbin by the Chief Secretary on the recommendations of the law department and it would be more appropriate to call it a lawless place where law never takes its course when it comes to common man. The SHRC like other institutions has become a rehabilitation centre for the blue eyed retire bureaucrats and just an institution to mislead the world community. If the government doesn’t believe in SHRC’s recommendations what is the fun to loot state exchequer. It is high time for the state to revisit its policies and ensure that the real message of Human Rights Day is given due attention, so that 10th December doesn’t become just a joke and a tradition. 

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