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....Blood Donation Is Good For Donors

Dr Saadat Nazir Shah
Srinagar, Publish Date: Dec 12 2017 10:28PM | Updated Date: Dec 12 2017 10:28PM
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Few days back, I was sitting in my cabin an adult person came to me. Doctor I want to donate blood, kindly examine me. I made him comfortable and my 1st question was why you wanna donate blood. And he said today is my birthday. I need to do something for my society. He was so glad about donating blood. His words make me write down for the need of awareness in youth. If everyone thinks like him, we will never face shortage of blood in our blood banks. Blood donation is one of the most significant contributions that a person can make towards the society. It is selfless and noble gesture that gives back life and hope to patients and their families. It is not harmful for an adult person to donate blood, the body of a donor can regenerate blood after several weeks plus it poses no threat to the metabolism of the body. Everyday all hospitals, clinics and health centers need blood transfusions to treat patients. Because the need of blood transfusion is constant, so is the need for donation. As a matter of fact, a huge number of population donates blood only when a relative needs it. Many of us will be surprised that this act of benevolence has benefits attached to it. Well I must say just like every good deed this one too has its rewards. Studies have shown over the years that if we donated blood, not only do we have the joy of saving life but we also reduce the risk of developing heart diseases as well as cancers. It also lowers our cholesterol and boosts the production of red blood cell; to add cherry on the top of cake, we can get free medical checkup.

As much as it is important to donate the blood and save the life, it is also important to know the eligibility criteria for blood donation. As I have already seen so many donors complain of questioning during donation process,But let me clear one thing,proper screening is important criteria for blood donation.While saving some one else's life we have to think about the donors safety as well. In order to safeguard their health, the following criteria must be met before blood donation can take place.

Donor must be above 18yrs of age and below 60yrs

Weight must be above 50 kgs

Haemoglobin concentration should be above 12.5 g/dl

Donation interval must be 12 weeks in men and 16 weeks in women

Donor must not have any cardiovascular disease and free from epileptic disorders

No history of underlying pathology, donor must not be ongoing medical investigation or clinical trials as well as vaccinations

Donating blood is really a noble job. Not everyone can save a life but if you have the opportunity, Don't Waste It


Dr Saadat Nazir Shah Is MD Transfusion Medicine GMC Jammu


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