Condemning tweeting ‘Tom’ Ashish Kaul

For denigrating Kashmiri women, the sick mind needs to be taught a lesson

Er Omkar Razdan
Srinagar, Publish Date: May 17 2018 10:42PM | Updated Date: May 17 2018 10:42PM
Condemning tweeting ‘Tom’ Ashish Kaul

Even the  most alienated among Kashmiri Pandits  would hang their head in shame, if they were asked to share  their identity with some  Ashish  Kaul who  was  accommodated at the top headlines of a popular English daily published from Srinagar on the 14th of May 2018. It is sad that even the notoriety could earn a person  the headline on the front page of a popular daily.

The rotten mind revealed by the author of the abusive tweets  reveals his dirty mindset that puts the author of the tweets  in the category of  ‘Shaitan Ravan’ , who too was obsessed with  insulting a woman to the point of infringing her loyalty to and  love for her husband.

While commodifying the Kashmiri women of a particular community, Ashish  Kaul, has exposed his  deficiency in expressing his anger in parliamentary  vocabulary which  has compelled him to liberally use obscene  text  overlapping  the pornographic  tone and tenor in his printed ‘Tweets’. His treacherous and sadistic frame of mind cannot but be condemned by all right thinking people not excluding the Kashmiri Pandits. Inspite of the most shameful and horrendous exodus from the valley in the nineties, Kashmiri Pandits  never stooped as low as to abuse Kashmiri women of any hue. 

The people in the Indian subcontinent have been envious of the civility that Kashmiri Pandits are known for. I pray that KPs do not celebrate the degenerated mindset of  Ashish Kaul who is yet to be owned by the community  collectively or individually. Mercifully he has already been sacked by  his employers, the US BASED ORGANISATION, Development  Dimensions  International (DDI), which ironically is in the business of creating better leaders in the world. Presumably hate monger  Kaul is a non resident Indian ,`enhancing’, similarly,  the values of his host country. God  save the country, his new home, if he has one.

It is my sad experience that Kashmiris who have least stake in Kashmir by virtue of having acquired permanent residence elsewhere well before nineties, most vociferously claim allegiance to Kashmir or its cause by remote control. Similarly the members of the community who have comfortably settled in other parts of the country are most vocal  about issues that do not effect their daily lives. On the contrary the vast majority of migrants still languishing in ill equipped   camps without jobs, or minimal facilities for educating their children or treating their elderly, have no platform to air their needs  for dignified survival. Their voices have been hijacked by the Urban elite like Ashish Kaul who modulate their narrative to suite their personal agenda. Such individuals are the noisiest in airing their narrative against the Kashmiri  majority, unmindful of the needs and aspirations of the minority that share and face the  political turbulence  together, within the valley or in the ‘infernos   of Muthi  like camps’. The twitter toms like Kaul   and the ever bashing TV anchors operating from the comforts of their studios in the metros  need to be  on one page to assess  the needs of the resident Kashmiris. These anchors earn their TRP grades at the expense of  suffering people of Kashmir  by bashing the latter for good, bad, or any reason they can lay their hands on.

The gradually improving political realities in earliest period of 21st century gave way to events in 2008 and 2010 in Kashmir Valley. Even the remote possibility of positivity catalysed by the youth friendly initiatives of the state government are  being negated by the screeches and screams of the panelists, from a recently activated TV channel  anchored by an old  ‘expert’ in creating hatred at all costs among the Kashmiri speaking communities and between the latter and the country. High pitch  discussions, inaudible one sided debates somehow enhance the TRP dividend for such Channels. These  telecasts work as double edged swords that angers and alienates the Kashmiris  for justifiable reasons, kills the good work done by the State, demoralizes  the minorities including the Pandits living in the Valley. Ironically even today the latter are amused and encouraged by the former thereby enhancing their survival   instinct without any dedicated security. The very women and their menfolk  who ensure safety for the well dispersed minority have been abused, vilified and  vituperated  by the tongue-lashing ‘Tweeting  toms’ who  misuse the civilized  communication tool,  like the  Twitter. Mercifully the twitter account has been suspended as reported.  

Lastly it is time that the State takes suo motto cognizance of  Ashish Kaul’s  tweets and files criminal  proceedings against  him for having wounded the dignity and modesty of the women of Kashmir which has the potential to create hatred among the population. I understand that this action has been initiated by Kashmir police. I am grateful to them. 

Unfortunately many like the author of this piece share the religious identity with Ashish Kaul. We dare say to him : “Not in our name”!



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