Faulty city drainage

Just a mild snowfall and we witnessed water-logging in some city areas

Srinagar, Publish Date: Feb 13 2018 10:16PM | Updated Date: Feb 13 2018 10:16PM

Though the snowfall was long awaited, and brought cheers to the faces of all people here, but it exposed the downside of our urban architecture. Just a mild snowfall and we witnessed water-logging in some city areas. Since we had an unusually long dry spell, the problem of water-logging looked as if over for good. Fact of the matter is that the system of draining out rain water, or the usual household outflow, is very faulty in our city. This fault ridden system gives us consistent trouble in rainy seasons. We have, in the past, witnessed how our market places, our streets, and some of our main roads remain inundated. The movement of pedestrians, and that of the vehicles, remains adversely impacted just after a slight drizzle, not to speak of a downpour. The question is why such a problem occurs repeatedly. Is there a structural fault that needs to be rectified. Is there a problem of dredging the drains, which hasn't been done at the required scale. Is there a problem of people being very negligent towards this public facility; allowing even solid mass to pass through the underground pipes. Is there a problem of daily maintenance of the drainage system. The concerned authorities must first identify the problem that hurts the system, and then draw a comprehensive plan to correct it. If there are multiple problems, they must be taken on separately so that enough attention is given to each. The concerned officers, and the staff of the relevant departments can also undertake a public awareness campaign to make people understand how this system works, what are the bottlenecks, and how each household needs to be mindful of what to allow, and what not to allow, through this drainage network. Unless these steps are taken in tandem our drainage system will keep giving troubles to us, and we will continue wading through the overflowing waters. This snowfall is a reminder of the faults in our drainage system. The concerned departments, and the people at the helm in these departments, must take heed.  


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