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Enduring pain and agony with hope

Imran Ali Buth
Srinagar, Publish Date: Jul 16 2018 11:04PM | Updated Date: Jul 16 2018 11:04PM
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What enables a person to stand firm against odds; to face difficulties even if it suffocates. Is ‘hope’ which stimulates positivity and strengthens us to remain patient even in distress. Hope acts like an armor, it shields us from negative vibes or thoughts which may deceive us from the path of endurance and may shake our conviction. It needs immense patience to remain patient and maintain calm particularly in a situation surrounded with extreme and never-ending tribulations, and during that time, hope plays a vital role to endure pain and agony.

From the past decades, we are living in an atmosphere of fear; breathing with anxiety and apprehensions. In such an environment, hope helps us survive. Hope that someday the situation will turn normal and we would be able to live a peaceful life in our valley. The place, we heard many poets calling it a ‘paradise on earth’. But since a long time what we are witnessing on this land; the blood-thirsty milieu vitiates our seasons of joy, contaminates breezes of the spring ruining its eye-soothing natural ambiance, which in normalcy fascinates the minds of locals as well as visitors. We, born and raised in conflict, saw nothing except the bloodshed, mothers mourning for their beloved sons. We saw the budding flowers withered and never flourished. 

We, the people of the land, are often perished within four walls, our lives crippled and choices censored with authoritarian methods and means. The cycle of violence guzzles our dear ones, leaving behind a cyclone of terror which haunts us for long. The graveyards are filled with the bodies of youth who deserved to live their lives and fulfil the promises made to the parents.

Yete manz bahar vather haraan

yete poush pholnay patharr pevan

(The color of leaves fade even in the season of spring here

the budding flowers falling on the ground, and never flourishes)


Despite the extreme sufferings we have faced or facing even today, our morale is exceptional which sustains us even in the most traumatic times. We have witnessed several times in the past, how courageously people faced miseries caused by this conflict, stood firm at the time of desolation and never lost hope. I believe it is a divine help from Almighty Allah which makes us so strong. Otherwise, such magnitude of trauma which the people of the valley have endured enduring could shake the mountains from their positions. Imagine the courage of those fathers who carried the coffins of their beloved sons, and of those mothers who have seen in front of them the dead bodies of their children whom they raised with utmost care.

In such a turbulent time, one would feel depressed about the situation aggravating every passing day, when nothing appears to make the situation normal and restore peace in the valley. At that moment of time hope is a key to maintain calm and fight depression. The dark veil overlaps the brightness of daylight and turns it into the dark, but what brings light to life is ‘hope’ that the sun rises to end the darkness of night. Hope is regarded as a remedy for the wounds of uncertainty, healing insecure tendencies which emerge amidst tribulations. The Scottish author Samuel Smiles says, “Hope is like the sun, which, as we journey toward it, casts the shadow of our burden behind us”. We should remain hopeful that the time will surely change and we will see happiness and joy and breathe in an environment of peace and tranquility.


(Imran Ali Buth is M.A in Mass Communication & Journalism)


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