Friday Focus: The Universal Balance

…the balance may not be transgressed

Dr. Javid Iqbal
Srinagar, Publish Date: Mar 22 2018 10:29PM | Updated Date: Mar 22 2018 10:29PM

The Quranic Verses on universal balance maintain the soul touching flow and rhythm that Holy Quran in known for:

‘’The Compassionate, He taught the Quran. He created men, and taught him clear expression, the sun and the moon move according to plan, and the stars and the trees prostrate themselves, and the sky He raised; and He set up the balance. So, do not transgress the balance, but maintain the weight with justice, and do not violate the balance’’ (55: 1 to 9)

The universe has a definite plan--the plan of the nature with mathematical precision, where everything—sun and the moon and the stars are set in a balanced pattern and stay in conformity with one another as ordained in the natural plan. It is He—Allah (SwT) Who has raised the sky and it is He—Allah (SwT) Who has set up the balance, which may not be transgressed. The justice exercised in the universal balance provides due weightage to whatever He—Allah (SwT) created. 

The transgression of the balance, the violation occurs when the natural pattern is fiddled with, such as the modern man has done by disturbing the environmental pattern set by the nature. The environmental degradation has impacted the seasonal pattern, and we are face to face with global warming with dwindling protection from hazardous effects, which was otherwise provided to man by safeguards of nature. This happened in spite of the fact that the Compassionate Lord of the universe—Allah (SwT) taught Quran to the man He Created in His Infinite Mercy, and He taught him clear expression, where there was no ambiguity about what nature has endowed the man with. 

There is a price to be paid for transgressing the universal balance, of violating the balance, and modern man is paying it, by being unjust with nature has provided him with.



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