Israel First obsession

Trump has nothing to hide now. Israel and America are made for each other

Hassan Zainagiree
Srinagar, Publish Date: May 24 2018 10:55PM | Updated Date: May 24 2018 10:55PM
Israel First obsession

The controversial decision to shift American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem—in violation of security council resolutions and disregarding the world community’s outrage and condemnation— shows that under Donald Trump’s presidency, Washington and Tel Aviv are like Siamese Twins, inseparable from each other. Deliberately choosing the 14th May (the day of 70th anniversary of the foundation of Zionist state, which Palestinians remember and mark as ‘Nakba’, meaning catastrophe, commemorating forcible expulsion of over seven lakh Palestinians)   for the relocation of the embassy conveys that  in the ‘America First’ priority Israel is too much integrated. With Trump’s daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner (both White House aides on Middle East) forming part of the American official delegation present at the ceremony, the message for Palestinian people was clear: In the make up of Donald Trump it is Benjamin Netanyahu who occupies the White House. Therefore, we should not be surprised at the US response to the carnage that was devoid of all compassion and humanity. Kushner defended Israeli aggression and held Palestinians responsible themselves.

 At Jerusalem, Israel and America together were singing ‘Hallelujah’ (expression of gratitude). There were smiles, applause and gushing praise all around. Israel prime minister overwhelmed with the American support declared the event as a ‘glorious day’. But hundred kilo meters away in the open-air prison of Gaza, Israel war machine was engaged in the butchery of unarmed Palestinians protesting  against the aggressive move and in demand of their right to return to their homeland. Even by the Israeli standard, the level of brutality Zionist army carried out was unprecedented. They not only used live bullets but fighter jets and tanks to hold back protestors from crossing the barricades. Mind it, the protestors included little children and women as Gazans had come with their families. By the time guns had fallen silent, 2700 unarmed people were wounded (many in critical conditions) and over sixty lay dead. Some reports quoting doctors said that some of the exit wounds caused by the Israeli ammunition were fist size. 

Not that it is first time the United States has put its weight behind the Jewish state. From the time the Zionist dragger was stabbed in the chest of the Arab world, it was with Washington’s hand that the dragger was held tight. Israel virtually enjoyed the status of 51st  American state, with solid backing at diplomatic, political, economic and military level.  Nevertheless, the previous administrations refrained from taking such a controversial and provocative step. Besides, some efforts were taken (Camp David agreement) by the previous US presidents in direction of resolving the dispute on two-state formula basis. But now Trump’s blatant support to  Israeli expansionism has not only made the possibility of any negotiated settlement of the Palestine issue difficult, it has effectively brought to end any arbitration on part of the America. Palestinians  will find it difficult to repose trust on America. On the other hand, the new American posturing, while implying endorsement of Israeli narrative, will make Israel more defiant and aggressive. Note how in triumphant mood Netanyahu  in his celebratory speech roared, ‘ We are in Jerusalem and we are here to stay’. 

As if  this was not enough, America rubbed further salt in the wounds of  hapless Palestinians. It blocked demand for United Nations investigation in the Gaza massacre, thus showing Trump administration’s complicity in the ghastliness. Such an overarching support in Israeli genocide and expansionism is bound to render Middle East situation more explosive. But in his brazenly shameful demeanor of condoning  the carnage, President Trump claims he is a man who is determined to present a detailed peace initiative and can  pull out a ‘toughest deal of all’. 

It is to be noted that Jerusalem ceremony took place days after Trump tore the landmark nuclear deal signed with Tehran, now in all brashness and ugliness he managed to legitimize Zionist occupation of the East Jerusalem that United Nations, through its various resolutions, recognized as a legitimate part, rather capital, of the future Palestine state. Both Israel and Saudi Arab welcomed Trump’s decision and his reimposing US sanctions on Iran.  

In this scenario a new realignment of forces in the sensitive region is shaping up, with Saudi kingdom along with other gulf states aligning  with Israel in opposition to Iran. That is why they have slackened in support for the Palestinians. In his March visit to the US, when the Gaza protests were getting under way, crown prince Muhammad bin Salman, as quoted by Axios, an online newsletter, has asked Palestinian leadership  to accept the proposals or ‘shut up and stop complaining’. Behrain also supported Israeli  attack on Iranian targets in Syria some weeks before. 

Reaction from Muslim world  has largely been more rhetoric, less substantial, except Turkey which recalled its ambassadors to the US and Israel. Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan accused Israel of ‘ state terror’ and  ‘genocide’.  In Pakistan the local political developments hogged the media but the massacre in Gaza received only scant coverage. While majority Muslim countries were big on slogans only, South Africa  exhibiting moral courage recalled its ambassador in reaction. Ireland summoned Israeli’s ambassador to register protest. All those Muslim countries who have diplomatic relations with the Israel save Turkey did not do what South Africa and Ireland did. Still we take pride of being a part of , what is parroted regularly, ‘Muslim Ummah’! Anyways while AL Qudos (Jerusalem) lies at the heart of Palestinian’s religious, cultural and national identity, for Muslims world over it is second in reverence after Qiblai Awal in Mecca. America’s handing over the city to Israel is bound to put the region on powder keg.  


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