The story of failure

The greater good is nowhere in sight

Inam Un Nabi Soudagar
Srinagar, Publish Date: Mar 13 2018 11:33PM | Updated Date: Mar 13 2018 11:33PM
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The mobile phone lights up with a breaking news notification..checkout.. 4 civilians and 2 militants killed in Pahnoo, Shopian. It again bruises the psyche maimed over a period of over three decades through bullets and bloodshed. With social media taking a lead in breaking everything that impacts the lives of people across globe this message of 4 civilian dead at around 8 pm on 4th march 2018 must have had left 7 million Kashmiris sleepless whose access to digital media stands higher than average Indians. Right from 1947 till now New Delhi's approach of looking at Kashmir through a military prism and ruling at point blank has shrunk the hopes of any substantial breakthrough in achieving a dignified solution vis a vis Kashmir. Achieving a long-lasting peace seems a distant dream. Skirmishes across LoC, civilians killings on daily basis in Valley, qualified youth joining militant ranks, war mongering by highest centers of power are now order of the day which raises a basic question of how serious government is in pursuing the agenda of peace and justified solution. At International forum India has always tried to sabotage the Kashmir issue by projecting a democratically elected Govt. rule in Valley as a substitute to the promise of Plebiscite made by 1st Prime Minister of India at historical Lal Chowk Srinagar before a mammoth public. Governments in Valley from day one have been proxies of Central Govt. with little independent authority serving as puppets to masters and elections since long in reality have been a long story of rigging, proxy and blood underneath the ballot. If an elected Govt. is so helpless that it cannot discipline its army who carry on rampant innocent killings then the famous idiom 'bullets after ballots is a failure of democracy' holds true in Valley. Late Mufti Muhammad Syed Sahab who called PDP-BJP coalition as coming together of two opposite poles, after a period of more than 3 years resulted in agenda of lies, deceit, mockery and surrender of promise made with Kashmiris. Firebrand NC legislator from Sonawari Muhammad Akbar Lone (Who raised pro-Pakistan slogans in JK assembly) recently said that irrespective of which State Government is in place, Delhi has always been on a spree to kill Kashmiris. One fails to understand what chaotic policy is framed vis a vis Kashmir when the Prime Minister of India Narender Modi with a billion souls mandate wishes to hug Kashmiris and see Kashmiri youth with laptops but paradoxically as head of the State, cannot humanise its security forces, which on a deeper analytical fore portrays


Two Extremes

Approaches used to deal Kashmiris which ultimately would be a disaster as is evident from ground zero. A country that claims to export cultural legacy of YOGA to western countries as a way to inner peace and spirituality, has miserably failed to calm Kashmiris through its vague and colonial system of treating Kashmir as commodity without realising the agony of its populace. With new World order in shape where rest over the west is shaping up and new Nations are taking a lead which would emerge as powerhouses internationally deciding on major global paradigms, It is high time India reshapes its foreign policy and takes a lead in making breakthrough on seven decades old conflict (Kashmir Conflict) which would diverge a huge sum of money to the tune of billions of dollars for addressing its own internal issues plagued with unemployment, poverty and rising ethnic cum communal skirmishes. Kashmir issue has echoed across UN and many countries for decades now so any attempts of crushing Kashmiris internally without taking note of International ramifications would backfire heavily. For the matter of governance and public grievance redressal, elections in Kashmir seem to be fine but authorities seem to forget the message underneath as to why mainstream is becoming irrelevant in valley with each passing year and should not long lasting peace be achieved through a trilateral dialogue. Reports of interlocutors have been shown dustbins and small amnesties have been foolishly attributed to big successes. The honest confession that avenues of engaging Kashmiris and managing the issue for time being have lessened and dwindled over the past, think tanks must appreciate the urgency of dealing Kashmir issue with highest level of seriousness and realistic approach. With lakhs of innocent Kashmiris engraved over decades, authorities must confess genuine aspirations cannot be silenced through an enforced gun culture. A realistic approach in view of changing geo political scenario with emergence of new states India must solve the Kashmir issue for the greater good of its own people. 


(The author is a socio-political activist, a TV debater. He is pursuing Master's in International Relations)








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