Sleep Disorders

Never hesitate to visit your nearest counselor or psychiatrist if sleeping problems persist

Dr. Arif Maghribi Khan
Srinagar, Publish Date: Feb 20 2018 11:52PM | Updated Date: Feb 20 2018 11:52PM
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We will talk today only about non-organic sleep disorders. According to ICD [International classification of Diseases] following disorders have been identified.

Dyssomnias: basically psychogenic conditions in which patients complaint about disturbance in amount, timing or quality of sleep, due to reasons of primarily due to emotional disturbances, these are

Increase in sleep time-hypersomnia

Decrease  in sleep time or very little sleep-Insomnia

Drastic changes in wake schedule.

Non-organic sleep disorders do not include sleep disorders which occur in nocturnal-enuresis[bed-wetting] in children.


Most common disorder is 

Non-Organic Insomnia:  Patients complaint of dissatisfaction with quantity as well as quality of sleep, spreading over a long period of time. Such patient’s complaint of problems in going to sleep, or sleeping  well  till morning. Such patients fear to go to bed as know that whole night they cannot sleep and it will be a torture. Patients even day time thinks excessively about sleep.  Never ignore change in sleep schedule of your children, either less or excessive sleep.

However lack of sleep is common in depression, drug abuse, or schizophrenia[ commonly known as madness or being insane] and patients suffering from BIPOLAR DISORDER in its maniac phase boost of not sleeping for days and yet talk of having excessive energy!!


How to sleep better?

Golden rules

If you not getting proper sleep, never torment your day by thinking what if i today do not get good sleep, instead think of joy & visualize it if i get good sleep today.

Go to bed at a fixed time, even if you do not sleep instantly for first week.

If you are unable to sleep even in your designated bed room and you are starring at your room, caught in negative ideas, instead of these patterns try to come out of this vicious cycle of sleeplessness by getting up and going to another room, stay there for 10 minutes, flip flop a book, then come back to your bed room.

Smoking leads to impotency in males and abortions in females, so smoking is never good, especially before going to sleep.

Always do deep breathing before sleeping, deep inhale slowly through nostrils and deep slow exhale through mouth.

Do not keep TV or Laptop in bedroom, stop using your mobile and other gadgets 30 minutes before going to sleep.

Here is one simple spiritual sleeping exercise which also proves useful, if done on daily basis.

“After the fatigue of a long day I now prepare for the night. I invoke God for his protection and request him to bless me. 

I experience love of God all around my body.  I am liberated from all thoughts of the past and future. And becoming very relaxed and light I drift away into a pleasant sleep “

Lastly very important never hesitate to visit your nearest counselor or Psychiatrist if sleeping problems persist.


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