Career counselling in schools

Greater Kashmir
Srinagar, Publish Date: Jun 12 2018 11:01PM | Updated Date: Jun 12 2018 11:01PM

As unemployment assumes alarming proportions, career counselling in schools has become a must. Educationists believe that career counselling should be introduced in the schools from class eight so that the students prepare themselves to face the future challenges. The students should be allowed to choose instead of forcing them to change their mindset. The parents should not discourage their wards interested in non-conventional courses. Instead they should provide the means and support to make them understand the scope of such courses. No two persons are alike. Everybody cannot be a doctor or an engineer.  Forcing a student to choose a course that is not suited to his/her interests can prove disastrous. Proper counselling at the proper time can help a student discover his potential, and interests. And this ultimately helps in choosing a better option. The students in Jammu & Kashmir end up choosing a wrong option due to lack of proper counselling and guidance. The results are obvious. Thousands of students graduate every year only to find themselves enlisted among the unemployed. These degree holders fail to contribute to the society because they are not equipped with the tools needed for such endeavours. Unguided education has not done any good to the students, society and the state. It has been rightly said that education works best when it is focussed, and career oriented. The authorities have to do something tangible apart from taking administrative measures every now and then. Appointment of career counsellors in schools has now become overdue. Through counselling and teaching abilities, career counsellors can support students in gaining a better understanding of what really matters for them personally, how they can plan their careers, or help them in making tough decisions and getting through times of crisis. Introduction of career counsellors from class eight in all the schools can give students a proper orientation. The counsellor, if appointed, shall prepare a psychological, personal and academic graph of every student which eventually can help him choose a better career.

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