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Dr Deepali Bhardwaj
Srinagar, Publish Date: Feb 20 2018 11:56PM | Updated Date: Feb 20 2018 11:56PM
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Dr Deepali Bhardwaj answers some question related to her field of expertise 


I am suffering from a strange problem; my skin on penis is very dry and cracked. It's more so in winters. Please help.

23, Male

You could be suffering from an eczema or maybe a psoriasis plaque there and hence, this winters when it appears please visit a dermatologist to take an opinion on it. Also, keep it moisturized and avoid any injuries to it by zip or during intercourse. Increase in your diet flax seeds, a tsp of ghee daily beside drink 4-5 litres of water daily.


Though a Kashmiri, my skin is very dark, patchy. Please help.

43 years

Since you have not specified your gender, let me give you an overview. We all Indians are dark individuals and our natural color is the one behind our ears and hence, don’t think you can get fairer than that ever or anyone else per se except for after application of make up! Also, being fair is not the fashion and never was to an extent but having an even complexion and healthy skin is most important. Please ensure you use a sunscreen 15 minutes before stepping out in the sun, and also make sure your diet is balanced and contains good amount of vital vitamins and antioxidants. Try and apply, freshly prepared, lemon juice mixed with tomato juice daily for 20 mins on face and wash off with a face wash containing vitamin C as chief ingredient.



I am having a lot of ingrowths in my legs, also sometimes they get infected; I scratch them which further leaves a mark. 

25, Female

You need to take treatment dear, by consulting a dermatologist for sure. Also, laser hair reduction for the legs will help you a lot in removing the ingrowths completely, ensuring a smoother skin. Please also visit a gynaecologist if your periods are irregular, and rule out hormonal conditions like PCOS, hair-an, etc. using creams which contain glycolic acid and retinoids will help you soothe the skin and also smoothen it with no marks for surely soon.


I am having severe hair fall post my menopause. Please help.

52, Female


This is a phase we all women have to suffer and our bodies go through a lot of hormonal changes which cannot be met comfortably. But, if you stress on them you are likely to continue with your hair fall, and in fact exaggerate it. Also, for hair fall common tips like: avoid tumble drying them! Be very gentle when you wash your hair, do not use hair oils rigorously, use a broad teethed comb. Also, increase proteins, iron in your diet and also, get your haemoglobin levels checked, so that just in case it needs correction you can do it. If these measures are not helping you then you must visit a dermatologist near you, who can do a hair root analysis and also, if needed put on minoxidil therapy for local application according to your needs but not more than once a week overnight 5%.


I am suffering from pimples since last 5 years and have taken many treatments like skin polishing. But the marks remaining on my forehead really bother me. Can you please help me understand how I can get rid of it. 

30 year, Female


I can totally understand your problem, but can’t tell you specifically best treatment for you until I meet you. Also, microdermabrasion, also called as skin polishing, can help, but only very superficially. Hence I recommend if the marks are present and are deeper you must go for either laser resurfacing for complete removal in nearly one sitting else choose chemical peels and strong lightening cream combination. Using a sunscreen is must with any treatment and also for preventing further darkening specially when living in the valley which is near to the harsh sun, climates and beauty of God. But as a general advice to avoid eating sugars, heavy oily foods will help you keep acne at bay and along with drinking 4-5 L of water daily with green leafy vegetables and some chicken specially in grilled or tandoori form than fried forms.


I am having a weird problem. I have lost hair in a patch of my head, 2 rupee coin size, since last week. I got blood tests done and was having diabetes. Mow, I am taking treatment for it from my doctor, but am scared to visit a hair doctor. Are these things related? If yes, how and what is the treatment for me now.

28, Male

As you describe, it sounds totally like a condition called alopecia aereata which is an autoimmune condition in which anti bodies are formed against our hair and hence, such focal patches of loss of hair and balding are seen. Also, since you did blood tests and were positive for diabetes which also at your age can be of autoimmune origin, hence co related. Once you control your diabetes, I am sure the hair problem will resolve or arrest to an extent. You must not feel scared to meet a nearby dermatologist and definitely seek an expert opinion. Treatment for you will only be few more blood tests to rule out thyroid and other issues, and also few injections on the sides of the patch mainly to arrest this alopecia.


I am having a lot of graying of my hair at 19, please help. Also, my father and sister had it at early age. 

19, Male


This is called premature canities and is a genetic condition. You are right it's strongly in your family. You and your sister have got the same condition. But let me be honest to you, there is no way except artificial coloring to make the already gray hair go black now. But, yes to prevent the black hair from graying I would recommend you to be on a diet containing high proteins, biotin i.e., egg white, soya, lentils, fish,etc. Also take a supplement of iron, biotin, calcium pantothenic acid daily night. Avoid using strong shampoos to wash your hair and also other chemical procedures. Anti dandruff shampoo should only be sued if you have dandruff and not routinely as it's strong for the hair pigment to an extent. Also, the dyes you use for colouring should be of vegetable origin preferably and not chemical based. 


I am having a lot of post pimple marks which have same colour as my skin, but deep scars. Please guide me.

27, Male


As your age is 27, you maybe looking for marriage or settling in for your job. So getting rid of the scars maybe your priority. I suggest don’t go for anything too strong and also try to show an expert dermatologist before going for any treatment packages. I must tell you all types of scars require different treatments and hence, no package can be beneficial for you as such. You need an individualized treatment strategy like ice pick scars best is TCA CROSS technique, for rolling derma-roller, for box scars laser resurfacing should be done.


I am suffering from vitiligo since 21. Now I am 40, and have learnt to live with it. Only problem is that it has come up with a new patch on my face which is disturbing me a lot. Also making me conscious of going into the public. Please help and suggest me a remedy at least for my face as my husband, and even children are feeling odd about it. 

40,  Female


As you know you have vitiligo, you must know it is an auto-immune condition, which means that your own body cells are going to fight against the pigmentation containing cells and keep on increasing these white patches. Common triggering factors known to increase this process are: stress, infections,pregnancy, diabetes, pain killers, fragrances, etc, and since you have had a new patch recently it’s an unstable form of vitiligo and I cannot suggest surgery either for you. You must visit a dermatologist nearby, who can prescribe good anti oxidant supplements and also give you maybe pulse steroids to control this spread along with good ideal topical creams and ointments. Also, for face I suggest you must learn how to camouflage it as in the market good products like dermacolor available at chemists only can definitely help you a lot and boost your confidence.


I have been following your tips for pigmentation and honestly witnessed quite an improvement. I wanted to know if I can start chemical peels and where can I go specially if I can come to Delhi to meet you once in 3 months.

30, Male

I am glad to hear this from you. It tells me you have been a very observant and keen reader. Also, since you have been using creams containing lightening agents and also sunscreen which makes sure that your skin is primed and is ready for chemical peels you can visit an experienced doctor in your city where there is KGMC hospital and many senior doctors who will give you expert care and help. Please feel free to email me your pictures for any guidance so we can plan your schedule for Delhi trip but hopefully, I shall be coming soon, and regularly, to Kashmir myself.


I am having a problem that my hands are very dry all the time. Please help.

42, Male

If the dryness is in excess we must rule out an internal body system cause, for it like thyroid problems and also, hansens disease and history of certain medicines which can cause such dryness. Please visit an expert near by to you and then only take the treatment and also for symptomatic relief best is coconut oil massage of the area or plain coconut oil application daily once/twice and also, using a moisturizer which contains urea, glycerine, vitamin E at night.


I am having a lot of hair fall and because of it I feel very sad. Please help.

Firstly, don’t stress Yourself. This is the first thing I will like to say. Also, using minoxidil 2% daily night and taking supplements for hair containing biotin, calcium pantohtnic acid, etc will definitely help you. So please don’t worry. Definitely go in for using good shampoos which contain hair nourishing complexes for the hair root proteins and also, don’t use any harsh chemicals and saloon procedures.


Doctor I am having a lot of freckles on my face. What is the best treatment for this.

Freckles are best treated with light radio frequency alone and also using sunscreen protection so as to avoid them in future from coming. Please visit a dermatologist nearby to you and get them removed.


I am having a fungus in my foot since 2 years. I have taken a tablet course of anti fungals twice suggested by different doctors in my city but, I have relief only till I am taking medicines. Please help.

Fungal infections is a chronic disease and you need to take few measures like wearing open shoes, avoid letting rain water/sweat get collected in your feet. Keep them dry. And also during office hours if you need to wear a shoe and socks then please use an anti fungal powder in your socks between your fingers. Also, have a strong anti fungal medicine therapy last time, and I prefer terbinafine course. Remember that nails can be affected in feet so your doctor may give you a long term course of it and you must take it as directed by your physician.


Dr Deepali Bhardwaj is Honorary Dermatologist at President Estate Clinic in Rashtrapati Bhawan. She can reached at drdeepali1@yahoo.com

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